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In 2009 Kathy was asked to design a poster for the Momo production, Crossing the Line by founder, Pamela Boyd. As a result, Kathy began attending community classes as part of her research for the project. She joined the ensemble after participating in classes for a year and is the ensemble’s longest standing member today. Kathy is a talented visual artist and has been a freelance writer for 25 years, having published three books and over 80 poems in five countries. I Didn’t Wear My Raincoat, the title of Momo’s 2015 show, was taken from a line of Kathy’s poetry, a show for which she also designed the poster. She is choreographing and will perform a solo work in the,The Mind Palace. Kathy will also be performing improvised poetry and doing live painting during each performance.

Kathy is looking forward to creating new movement and theatrical work using her novella, A Pink Fantasy as source material. She’d like to give stand up comedy and improv a go one day too.

[image description: a woman with brown hair pulled back in a high ponytail, grins widely at the camera. She is wearing a black t-shirt, small, green-framed glasses, yellow and green bows show just over the top of her head, and her hair drapes over each shoulder on to her chest.]